May Day 2018

One of the “duties” of a working Morris dancer is to go out on May 1st to dance up the sun and we weasels have been fulfilling this task these last few years. Is not that the responsibility is so pressing, or that the work required is unpleasant, it the fact the sun refuses to wait to rise at a more sensible time.


This year was again a challenge, it is far easier to convince Weasels to come out on the weekend mornings than before a busy day of work and Weasels of the drunken variety can hardly be expected to climb out of their comfy burrows in the early hours!  Nonetheless, three managed to stagger to our usual rendezvous.


Judy prepares to knock the moon out of the sky…

We also were forced to rely on recorded music played on my car’s speakers, less than preferred.  our regular musicians insisted that they were unable to play for us due to a previously scheduled gig opposite our dance out.  I suspect they were lying….


We danced a few three hand dances and then oddly ignoring any of our two hand dances we went straight to two of our favorite four hand in complete defiance of our lack of a fourth! If BrainTrust Morris can dance a six with five in traffic we can certainly dance a four with three in a parking space.


Afterward, Judy killed King winter with her sword and we feasted, as is the tradition in these parts.

We did have a small audience of three, which is the largest we have had since the Weasels took up this responsibility.  Two of them, John and Cathy Millar saw us two years ago, apparently, that was enough time for them to recover and risk it again.  All the pictures on this post have been stolen without even so much as a by your leave from Cathy (thanks Cathy!).

Cheers until next time,

Dance on!

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