13100885_759464334182475_3368498294658941777_nWhat is Border Morris?

Glad you asked.  Border Morris is a traditional British folk dance, originating in the English counties bordering Wales,  Hertfordshire, Worcestershire, and Shropshire. Though it shares a common heritage with other forms of Morris such as Cotswold or North West Morris, Border is easily recognized as a different beast. Most border morris is danced with a simple single step (a step and a hop), not the more complex steps used in other styles. Border is a little less tame than other traditions and dancers clash sticks together rather than waving handkerchiefs!   Many sides blacken their faces and wear rag coats (shirts or tunics covered in strips of cloth or ribbons.1517661_10153438338677483_1925839873968867481_n-1

Is Morris Dancing Pagan?

For most of us, Morris Dancing is just that, dancing.  With no particular religious implication whatsoever.  There are various theories regarding the roots of Morris dancing, and yes, one of those theories is that it is Pagan.  There are also theories that it is Moorish, or that in fact is not so ancient at all.  We welcome dancers regardless of their religious convictions.


What do you Wear?

The Drunken Weasels are recognizable by our kit, or dancing costume.  We dress in black  with a rag coat of Black, Blue and Silver. Black hats decorated with trinkets, feathers and Fabric in our colours.

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